Rural Tourism

Patagonian Barbecue

Cooked by bonfire under the open skies for about three to four hours, the traditional barbecue, a whole lamb arranged on a certain grill, is one of the culinary deliciousness of the Patagonia, to which we invite our guests to enjoy and live this unique gastronomically experience. The patonian barbecue is part of any important day in the countryside and family reunions, and gives a relaxed and comfortable room for conversations, pass on the big stories and heroic deeds of the gauchos and other local traditions like the popular card-game “truco”.

Cattledrive in Mallín Grande

Riding a horse and moving a herd of over 350 cows from Mallín Grande to their summer pasture, will be one of the most authentic experiences you can discover in the Chilean Patagonia. On our way we will guide the cattle together with local gauchos, sharing stories and traditions, through rivers and forests up to the highlands of the Andes.

Experience Gaucho

Get to know personally the different tasks, which are realized with the cattle and discover the life in the rural Patagonia. Be part during the “Rodeo” gathering the animals in the open countryside, the “marcación” the branding and castration of young cattle and the “Arreo de Ganado” in which you will be helping us to guide the cattle towards their summer pasture in the mountains of Mallín Grande.


Organic vegetable garden

We invite you to get to know our organic vegetable gardens and greenhouse, in which we produce in an ecological way a big variety of vegetables in order to be auto provided for the whole year. If you are interested we gladly share our methods of production and offer to try our healthy food, free of chemicals and pesticides.

We are committed to use and develop sustainable techniques, in order to increase awareness for healthy alimentation and our environment.

Life in the Countryside

Our program “Life in the Countryside” demonstrates a perspective on a rural lifestyle, based on sustainability and maintaining the local traditions. Through practical participation you will be able to learn new abilities and get to know the fascinating world of the life in the countryside.

Labours in the agriculture: Preparation of the soil, planting, weeding, harvesting, construction and designing of new gardens and their surroundings, etc.

Labours with the live stock: Taking care and feeding cows, horses, sheep and birds, tasks in the corral, controlling pastures, milking, shearing sheep, construction and reparations on fences, etc.

Have in mind that the realized labours are different in each time of the year, but every season has its own charms especially in the Chilean Patagonia.

You like to be a part of our farm? Write us!

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