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The Marble Caves

Take a ride over the turquoise waters of the General Carrera Lake, to see one of the main tourist attractions of the Chilean Patagonia and visit the national reserve “Capillas de Marmol” which includes a series of precious marble caves and mineral formations.

You will be able to observe the marble at close range, learn about the geological history and formation and take amazing pictures of this unique place.

Rafting in Baker River (50km from Mallín Grande)

Raft the river with the most water in quantity of Chile and adventure yourself and your Rafting-team in an experience full of adrenalin and fun. Enjoy together with your friends and family die wild beauty of the Baker River, always in company of an experienced team of guides and up to date safety equipment.

Soon new tours for you!

Soon new tours for you!

Exploradores Glacier

At 52 km from Puerto Rio Tranquilo, inside of the national park “Laguna San Rafael”, lies the Exploradores Glacier, where you can walk on top of the millennial ice in between crevasses, caves and spectacular ice formations of deep blue.

National park Patagonia

Get to know the Patagonian variety from the great open steppe with dry soils and poor vegetation to deep green forests, crystal-clear rivers and lakes, surrounded by the snowy mountains.


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