Learning through experience.

A proposal from Turismo Vientos del Sur to the local community!

The development of outdoor activities not only allows to know new places, at the same time it is a continuous learning through lived experience.

Turismo Vientos del Sur seeks to promote the development of extracurricular activities for children and young people from educational establishments in the commune of Chile Chico through Tourism. It also opens this option to all those who want to meet and discover new skills in nature.

How? Through participatory recreational workshops and specialized programs. Experiences: During February 2019 Turismo Vientos del Sur began with an Educational Tourism program, which was carried out in conjunction with the Illustrious Municipality of Chile Chico, holding three workshops in the town of Mallín Grande for students in school recess, incorporating activities such as horseback riding and hiking.

Topics of environmental education, knowledge of local history, observation and recognition of birds and native flora in a fun and participatory environment. Goals: Develop knowledge and skills in participants through recreational activities that promote respect for nature, culture and sports. Encourage the participation of educational establishments in the commune of Chile Chico in extracurricular programs and activities.

Stimulate educational tourism in the commune of Chile Chico as a fundamental tool for the sustainable development of its localities. Other Activities: Organic agriculture, camping, environmental education and nautical activities.

Educational Tourism as a tool for sustainability.

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